Connect with
your guests

Great hospitality is all about creating memorable moments. The more you know about your guests, the more you can personalize their experience.

Customization is key

Our guest communications tools and programs are powered by data insight and driven by custom-built strategies to empower timely, meaningful interactions. With our ability to micro-target your audience, we can help you reach the right people at the right moment in their customer journey.

Email management & eSuite

Send your guests targeted, personalized emails that reflect their interests. Here’s more about our robust email capabilities.

Boomerang cart abandonment program

Convert abandoned shopping carts into completed reservations and recover lost revenue with Boomerang. When a guest starts the reservation process but doesn’t complete it, Boomerang sends up to three automated, branded emails encouraging them to finish booking.

Triggered emails

Our customized triggered email programs increase awareness of your amenities, drive outlet revenue and convert one-time guests into repeat customers. Since these campaigns are automated, our process does the heavy lifting—not your marketing team.

  • Opt-in instant offer
  • Pre-sell
  • Post-stay
  • Same time last year
  • Special occasions
  • OTA conversion
  • First time to lifetime
  • Group to transient
  • Non-responders
  • Canadian consent
  • Custom automated campaigns

Lifecycle campaigns

Stay top of mind with recent guests through our automated three-touch lifecycle program. With emails sent five days, 35 days and 95 days after their stay—or on the timeline you specify—guests are encouraged to start planning their next visit.

eConcierge outlet reservations tool

Give your guests the opportunity to book outlet reservations and make special requests online, before they’ve even walked through your door.

VIPNotify special guest alerts

Don’t miss the opportunity to provide a little something extra for your VIP guests. When their reservations are identified in your PMS flow, an automated email alerts you a week prior to their arrival.

LEADGen prospecting tool

Turn your group and meeting prospects into clients. Newly acquired leads are incorporated into a small batch email and/or direct mail drip campaign designed to give your team the time to convert these prospects into clients through a direct contact effort. Telephone contact rosters are provided.

Our hospitality-centric tools and resources help you provide a personalized experience that makes your guests come back again and again.