Truth through data

Data management server towers for CDP
Turn bytes into business

Your customer data offers a wealth of information for growing your business—but only if you know how to extract meaning from it. Our business intelligence capabilities, powered by a robust customer data platform, offer historical, current and predictive views of your business to identify and create new strategic opportunities. Put our expertise to work to guide your planning, unify your team and achieve a fully integrated marketing effort that will produce uncommon results.

When you know more, you can do more

Managing your data isn’t just about technology, though that’s important. It’s also about harnessing the power of personalization through a 360º view of your customers that’s built-to-order and updated regularly. Here’s how HMA gains the valuable insight that powers our customized marketing solutions.

1. Interface

We identify all available data resources, establish automated connections and facilitate data download procedure routines.

2. Integration

We unify disparate customer purchase information, join tables from all sources and create custom data mapping routines for higher-level analysis and reporting.

3. Cleansing

We send your data through a rigorous, proprietary process that saves up to 50% of all failed data.

4. Identification

We merge event and financial data to discover repeat customers and expand their profiles.

5. Enhancement

We add demographic, lifestyle and other information at the household level from various external databases.

6. Analysis

We examine the interactions between all data points to draw conclusions about your customers.

7. Strategy

We define your marketing strategy based on the insight gained during the analysis phase.

8. Development

We create targeted communications that inspire action, build brand loyalty and increase your business.

9. Reporting

We offer a series of reports, including ROI based on completed purchases or, in the case of hotels, consumed nights and room charges.