We are curious

We are HMA

The HMA team is a diverse group. We are Millennials, Boomers and Gen Xers. We have backgrounds in mathematics, theatre, retail, stand-up comedy, food service, personal training, politics and farming. We’re almost evenly split between left-brain and right-brain thinkers. Men and women. Dog lovers and cat lovers. Macs and PCs.

We’ve developed an approach to our work that maximizes our time together, gets us out the door by 5:30 and keeps the team inspired, engaged and, most importantly, happy. We enjoy a work/life balance rarely seen in our industry, and we believe this is one of the keys to the inspired work we create for our clients.

HMA team: Michelle Heuer

Michelle Carey Heuer

HMA team: Rick Heuer

Rick Heuer

HMA team: Chuck Shearn

Chuck Shearn

VP of Technical Services
HMA team: Bryn Tyler

Bryn Tyler

Director of Operations and Technology Implementation

Crystal Jackson

Creative Director
HMA team: Laura Kunz

Laura Kunz

Director of Marketing
HMA team: Mike Koleszar

Mike Koleszar

Data Services Manager
HMA team: Tracy Bessire

Tracy Bessire

Products Manager
HMA team: Amy Baiz

Amy Baiz

Account Manager
HMA team: Alex Battaglia

Alex Battaglia

Senior Graphic Designer
HMA team: Jenn Schopfer

Jenn Schopfer

Web Designer and Developer
HMA team: Chris Escue

Chris Escue

Lead Systems Designer
HMA team: Steve Pursey

Steve Pursey

eSolutions Lead and Jr. Developer
HMA team: Richard Dean

Richard Dean

eSolutions Technical Assistant
HMA team: Thaddeus Thompson

TJ Thompson

eSolutions Technical Assistant
HMA team: Erin Howard

Erin Howard

Marketing Coordinator
HMA team: Yvette Schoutens

Yvette Schoutens

Marketing Coordinator
HMA team: Gudy Esteva

Gudelia Esteva

Mail House Operations Manager
HMA team: Hooshang Norouzi

Hooshang Norouzi

Accounting Manager