Email Marketing that Amplifies Your Message

Our managed email marketing platform is a robust yet cost-effective alternative to big-box, one-size-fits-all solutions. We work as an extension of your team and manage the full lifeline of your campaigns–from data warehousing and micro-targeting, to email design and delivery, to reporting your ROI and strategizing your next campaign. We also keep a close eye on compliance laws to ensure you’re never at risk. Your Customer Data Platform with HMA powers smart, fully customizable marketing campaigns and drives business intelligence that will help you grow, enabling you to connect different systems across your business over time.

It all starts with eSuite,
the heart of our email marketing

eSuite is a customized, cloud-based portal for managing your email marketing campaigns, tracking results, and learning from your guest data. From one intuitive dashboard, you can see the big picture then drill down into all the important details.

When you need help understanding the story your data is telling or want to bounce ideas off a smart marketing pro, your HMA account manager is just a phone call or email away. In fact, you have the entire HMA team working for you to help drive momentum, maintain consistency of effort, and deliver impressive results.

Custom email templates

Your emails should look like your brand, not a generic template, because every email you send is another opportunity to tell your story. Our creative team designs stunning, customized templates that not only reflect your brand but are also ADA-compliant and fully responsive.

Improve your workflow

Composer utilizes your existing templates in a live-preview email builder so you can quickly and easily create new emails on a shorter timeline. Choose from a pre-selected photo library or upload an image, share proofing links with colleagues, and get your email to inboxes faster without sacrificing any reporting capabilities.

Composer Email Builder Example
QuickTurn demo

Email deployment on demand

QuickTurn is your ultra-fast deployment email solution for those short and sweet messages that can’t wait. Looking to boost attendance at your summer concert series? Send a live music alert to your drive range audience and get folks to the show this weekend. QuickTurn utilizes pre-segmented audiences, so your message reaches the right people at the right time.

Email add-ons library

Enhance your message with email add ons that encourage interaction and increase interest in your property. Use the weather add on to highlight your perfect temps, the map add on to showcase fun things to do nearby or the countdown timer to create a sense of urgency for your offer.

eHunter Web Form

eHunter subscriber tool

eHunter is a pop-up window that converts your most engaged web visitors into subscribers. This tool is fully customizable based on parameters you define. Increase the volume of web opt-ins and hunt down qualified leads with ease—opt-in volume typically increases 800 to 1,000%.

eSurvey insight generator

eSurvey helps you discover what your customers or prospects think via electronic surveys for a variety of scenarios. View responses instantly and enjoy custom charts that simplify the story your data is telling.

More about our email solution

In addition to delivering a robust ROI, our fully managed email marketing solution helps grow your team’s marketing savvy as we work together to define and refine strategies year over year.

Data and analysis

We get your data out of silos and gathered into a central customer data platform where we can clean and standardize it, then analyze it. With a nightly data feed, your customer information is always updated.


We join you on-site for a marketing workshop where we review the results of your customer analysis, discuss strategy, introduce you to our tools and resources and develop your marketing calendar.


Based on what we discover during the planning phase, we create responsive email templates that reflect your brand and look great whether viewed on mobile, desktop or tablet.


You simply complete a one-page worksheet in our eSuite portal, choose your customized template, upload images (or let us choose for you), and wait for us to send you a link for approval—usually within 24 hours.


With 24/7 access to your marketing information, you can track the success of current campaigns in real time or view past results and reports, right from the eSuite portal.


Every step of the way, you have the support of a dedicated account manager who knows your name, your business, your customers and your marketing goals. You’re never on your own.

Quick, Efficient, Effective

We can get you up and running in 30 days or less, and our solution typically pays for itself within six months.