Valet VIP Management

Deliver the Unexpected

A fully-customizable VIP management platform that meets the needs of hotel management companies and independent hotels.

Valet VIP management

Curate your VIP customer profiles

PMS Data Flow

Access cleansed historical customer PMS data that shows the number of visits, total spend, and more


View previous and upcoming bookings to know when guests will be back to see you again.


Define guest preferences that are relevant to your property, such as soft pillows and extra towels


Keep your amenities updated by VIP tiers, like complimentary valet parking or a round of golf


Provide surprises that appeal to guests’ interests. Do they frequent the gym or spa?


A dedicated space for team notes

Why Valet?

Valet was specifically created for the hospitality industry and combines the power of managing VIP data with a surprise and delight philosophy for VIP program implementation. As a hotelier, you will enjoy this cloud-based platform with customized VIP identification, a powerful dashboard, and automated daily notifications to alert your team of VIP arrivals.

Valet Preferences Graphic
customer data platform

Powered by Our Customer Data Platform

Our robust customer data platform offers historical, current, and predictive views of your business to identify and create new strategic opportunities. Put our expertise to work to guide your planning, unify your team and achieve a fully integrated marketing effort that produces uncommon results.

Valet can help you create a new and effective VIP program or enhance an existing membership or points-based program with:

  • Access to cleansed historical PMS data
  • Insights into future reservations
  • A safe and secure browser login
  • Fully compliant GDPR, CCPA, CASL, and other data privacy measures
  • A streamlined user interface that supports operational needs
hotel receptionist checking in guest
Valet at Your Service

Valet for VIP management, combined with HMA’s other customizable marketing programs, represents a game-changing experience that employs a personalized and sophisticated approach to guest recognition and VIP communication.