Dispatches from the frontlines of data and design

Data needs a human touch

Data, Hospitality marketing
Detail of person stacking rocks by the lake. Sunset time, sunbeam.
The past year of upheaval has changed the marketing landscape for everyone, especially those of us in the hospitality industry. With the ongoing distribution of vaccines and a steady return to something resembling “normal,” this is the perfect time to explore your strategic marketing partnerships and ensure you’re ready to…

Check out our new…everything

Branding, Culture, News
HMA tattoo featured image
 There’s a cliché that Californians are always searching for the next wave, be it ocean- or technology-driven. Some clichés have a nugget of truth. At HMA, located in the Golden State on the Monterey Peninsula, we’ve been riding tech waves for decades. We started life in 1984 as a data…

Artificial intelligence in marketing

Data, Marketing
children's robot toys from 1950s
Since the term was coined in the 1950s, “artificial intelligence” (AI) has often brought to mind robots that suddenly become sentient and try to take over the world. (Robots that become sentient and give everyone a puppy and a hug must not make for compelling science fiction.) In reality, AI…

Patterns empower better content

Creative, Data, Marketing
Face in mountain pattern
Human beings are always looking for patterns. That’s why we see a face in the moon, mistake a tree root for a snake or think our coat hook looks like an octopus ready for a fight. Pattern recognition, even when we’re seeing things that aren’t actually there, isn’t a product of…

Left brain vs right brain

Coral brain feature image
You’ve probably heard the stereotypes about left brain vs right brain thinkers, that people who are right brain dominant tend to be more creative and intuitive while left brain dominant folks are more analytical and practical. At HMA, we like to challenge status-quo thinking. We wondered, would our deeply creative…