Data needs a human touch

Detail of person stacking rocks by the lake. Sunset time, sunbeam.


The past year of upheaval has changed the marketing landscape for everyone, especially those of us in the hospitality industry.


With the ongoing distribution of vaccines and a steady return to something resembling “normal,” this is the perfect time to explore your strategic marketing partnerships and ensure you’re ready to hit the ground running.

Infuse some soul in your strategy

To make a real connection with your guests, you need to incorporate a hands-on approach to your marketing segmentation and communication efforts. Data is important, of course, but it needs to be enhanced with input from people with the knowledge base to develop a durable, creative and responsive marketing strategy.


Something that’s uniquely yours, not the same as everyone else.

Know what you don’t know

Marketers have come to rely so much on data and automation that sometimes the humanity gets lost. It’s an easy trap to fall into when you’re using a do-it-yourself marketing platform that makes it simple to press “send” but not so simple to strategize.


Those big-box solutions aren’t delivering a crucial part of the equation—human expertise that can connect the dots between strategy, storytelling and segmentation while simultaneously meeting today’s complex legal requirements for digital marketing.


Things like data security, privacy and ADA compliance are putting a strain on over-burdened marketing teams who need help navigating the rules and minimizing legal liability without losing marketing momentum.

Explore a partnership with HMA

After nearly four decades in hospitality marketing, HMA has developed an approach that balances data insight with strategic execution. We call what we do “intelligent marketing” because we’re technical and creative problem solvers who can translate your data into a dynamic marketing strategy that can grow with you, whether you’re a single boutique hotel or a hotel management company with dozens of properties.


We can help you maximize growth and learn how to leverage your data in new ways while still keeping things simple and streamlined for your team.


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