Left brain vs right brain


You’ve probably heard the stereotypes about left brain vs right brain thinkers, that people who are right brain dominant tend to be more creative and intuitive while left brain dominant folks are more analytical and practical.


At HMA, we like to challenge status-quo thinking. We wondered, would our deeply creative team fall solidly in the right brain camp? Would our decidedly analytical data team be decidedly left brain? And what about our versatile marketing team—which side of the divide would they fall on?

Left brain vs right brain: let the battle commence

Using a highly scientific method—a free online quiz—we put our teams to the test. The results were somewhat surprising.


We were split almost evenly down the middle, with 53% of the team showing left brain dominance and 47% showing right brain dominance. But what we didn’t expect is that the right brain contingent wasn’t just made up of the designers and writers on our creative team. It included a number of our code-writing, number-crunching, analysis-driven data team members. And some of our creative souls showed up on the other side of the hemisphere with left brain dominance. Our marketing team was all over the map in both categories.


Maybe we shouldn’t have been surprised by these results. Writing code and finding meaning in data can be an art form. The creative process involves a lot of research, analysis and strategy. And tending to our clients requires both creative finesse and bottom-line focus. So those results actually make perfect sense for our unique team.


Want to see which side of the divide you fall on? Here’s the quiz we took. Let us know how you do.