Benchmark media luncheon

Each spring, global hospitality company Benchmark gathers top travel journalists and writers for an intimate luncheon at one of the hottest restaurants in New York. The event offers Benchmark the opportunity to share the latest news about their properties and inspire luncheon guests to write about them.

mobile phones showing email invitations to special event
welcome poster for special event

What we did

Concept, invitation, event collateral

We developed a theme for the event that paid homage to the name of the restaurant, which was inspired by a Walt Whitman poem, and the stunning view 60 floors up. Copy was warm and inspiring, with a touch of poetry, and visuals were striking. Capitalizing on the fact that writers love having a new notebook, we created customized Moleskine journals embossed with an inspiring Whitman quote about travel and a personalized, hand-written message to each guest.

four notebooks with belly bands
notebook with embossed Walt Whitman quote
postcards with Walt Whitman quote