Crafting exceptional hospitality experiences through personalization

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In the world of hospitality, creating lasting impressions is crucial to success. The value of repeat VIP business in the hospitality industry cannot be overstated, and personalization plays a crucial role in achieving this. As marketing consultants specializing in hospitality, we understand the importance of data in creating custom experiences that resonate with guests. Let’s explore how data-driven personalization can help the hospitality industry create exceptional guest experiences for VIPs.

Personalization for VIPs

Personalization is especially important when it comes to VIP guests who expect a higher level of service. According to a study by Accenture, 62% of consumers are willing to share personal information with companies in exchange for exclusive services, discounts, or offers. This highlights the importance of using data to provide tailored experiences to VIP guests. By analyzing guest data, hospitality businesses can understand VIPs’ preferences and create personalized experiences that cater to their unique needs.

Benefits of personalization for VIPs

Personalization for VIPs can drive impressive business results. According to McKinsey, personalization has the potential to reduce customer-acquisition costs by up to 50%, increase revenue by 5 to 15%, boost marketing ROI by as much as 10-30%, and influence an organization’s rate of growth. These benefits highlight the incredible opportunities that data-driven personalization holds for the hospitality industry and its VIP guests.

Navigating the fine line of personalization

While personalization can significantly enhance guest experiences, it’s important to navigate the fine line between personal and intrusive. McKinsey reports that “71 percent of consumers expect companies to deliver personalized interactions” and “76 percent get frustrated when this doesn’t happen.” Therefore, it’s crucial to use refined messaging that does not come off as invasive. As a result, your VIP guests will feel valued and appreciated throughout their experience.

Personalization that VIPs appreciate

McKinsey researched customer preferences in personalized interactions with various brands. The resulting 2,000 data points produced some interesting insights including four things customers want and expect when they interact with brands. 

  1. “Give me relevant recommendations I wouldn’t have thought of myself.” Recommend products or services that complement their purchases. VIPs may appreciate a suggestion of a service or amenity based on their check-in time or length of stay, for example. 
  2. “Talk to me when I’m in shopping mode.” Timing is everything and requires thoughtful analysis of customer behaviors. User data can inform when to when your guests are most inclined to open and respond to post-purchase messages.
  3. “Remind me of things I want to know but might not be keeping track of.” Tracking events aligned with their circumstances is especially endearing to customers. For example, if your VIP guests are traveling as a group, recommend unique options for transportation or dining that accommodates the group’s size.
  4. “Know me no matter where I interact with you.” Seamless communication across offline and online experiences is what customers expect — challenging as it requires collaboration across operational teams. Make sure you have the tools to keep these teams aligned and informed of VIP needs. 

Data-driven personalization holds the key to unlocking unparalleled VIP guest satisfaction and loyalty, ultimately cementing a hospitality brand’s position as a market leader. Using these insights, hospitality marketers can create tailored experiences that not only meet but exceed the evolving expectations of VIP guests. With an ever-expanding array of data-driven tools and techniques at their disposal, hospitality businesses can forge stronger connections and foster lasting relationships with their valued VIP guests.



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