Has your email marketing lost momentum? Elevate your marketing effort by updating your email templates

Email TemplatesWhen it comes to technology, new is usually synonymous with improved, and email templates are no exception. You put in a lot of work to reach your customers, so put your best foot forward by updating your email templates. Here are five ways new templates will improve the overall effectiveness of your email marketing:

Let Your Brand Shine Through

We don’t have to tell you that brand recognition is a big deal. And widespread brand recognition is achieved through excellent marketing with a consistent look and feel across channels. So, if your social media and website are spectacular, your emails should be similarly stunning. Have a new logo and color scheme? Make sure your email is showcasing it in the best possible light.

Updating your email templates is a surefire way to ensure your brand looks like your brand no matter where customers engage with your marketing efforts—and email is a powerful communication method. From newsletters to special offers and promotions to abandoned cart notifications, email is your lifeline to your customers. With an updated template, they can recognize that your messages are coming from you.

Make Your Emails Accessible

Inclusivity is essential, and new email templates ensure everyone can engage with your messaging. To help make emails accessible for most users, HMA checks them for ADA compliance to ensure that your emails use heading elements in the code, include sufficient color contrast for text and graphic elements, provide text alternatives for images, and more. These extra steps help more people comfortably and efficiently engage with your brand, leading to a more extensive and happier customer base.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Was your email template the best thing since sliced bread a few years ago, but now it’s about as exciting as, well, sliced bread? Times change, and so should your emails. What once was unique is now run-of-the-mill.

HMA’s creative team can keep your look current with bespoke designs that speak to your brand and don’t look like everyone else’s templates. We are well-versed in the hospitality industry and know how to add an edge to your emails and showcase your property and promotions beautifully.

Look Good in Light or Dark Mode

Dark mode is easier on the eyes. Make sure that is also true for your emails when viewed in dark mode. Compatibility issues are tricky enough to navigate across browsers and email engines—add in another display mode, and the problems multiply. Too often, what works well with a light background becomes unreadable when switched to a dark background, or vice versa. Different email client programs also handle the switch between light and dark differently.

Luckily, HMA provides email template options that switch seamlessly between different engines, browsers, and modes while maintaining ADA compliance. We extensively test our custom template designs to keep your customers in the loop, no matter their device settings.

Add Variety to Your Messages

Ad fatigue is real. Avoid having this phenomenon plague your emails by freshening their look and switching up their length. We’ve all been hit too hard with the same ad and eventually grown tired of the whole message, brand, or product. Don’t let your emails fall on weary eyes.

Instead, trade in your email template for a template library. Have some short and sweet information to share? Use a high-impact single-message format. Do you need to share some quarterly updates? Employ a longer format email with a different header style. If variety is the spice of life, then using several template styles is the spice of email marketing.

Have any questions on new email templates or email marketing in general? HMA is here to help. Drop us a line at (831) 655-0109 or send us a note at hello@wearehma.com.

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